Some are calling this era of baseball the golden age of prospects. The manner in which salaries are determined in the MLB motivates organizations to field a young, cheap, and talented team. Players are not eligible for free agency until they have accumulated six years of service in the MLB. The market often then overvalues these aging veterans. In recent years, teams such as the Astros and the Oakland Athletics have been employing the “money ball” strategy seeking for value in young players who receive the minimum ($500,000) or overlooked veterans. Here is a short list of several highly touted prospects who could get called up and make a tangible difference for a MLB squad in the coming months.

Francisco Lindor:  Lindor might not be as talented at the plate the other prospects on this list, but his defense at short stop more thank makes up for hit. That is not to say he profiles as a incompetent offensive baseball player. As a speedy switch-hitter, he could very well thrive at slapping the ball to all sides of the field. However, it is his defensive mastery that separates him from the pack. The Indians current starting SS, Jose Rarmirez, is playing woefully and has earned an OPS of just .444. Expect to see Lindor in Cleveland as some point in June.

Shane Stirling - Jose PerazaJose Peraza: Not all that different than Francisco Lindor is the Braves’ 2B prospect, Jose Peraza. Peraza, just 21 years old, has played most of his career at shortstop, but recently moved to 2B given the ability of Andrelton Simmons. He’s quick, a plus defender, and has shown the he can consistently hit for average. Paired with Simmons, the two will be a middle-infield for the ages. Currently, Jace Peterson and Alberto Callaspo are splitting time for the big league club. Peraza will most likely take the step up prior to the All-Star Break.

Carlos Correa: The final member of this trio is also a middle-infielder. At the beginning of the 2015 season, few believed that Correa had a realistic shot at making the majors this year. However, Jed Lowrie’s injury coupled with Correa’s impressive 2015 numbers (.389/465/.726) are making this a realistic possibility. In fact, of the three members of this list, Correa is likely to be the first to make a major league debut.

Shane Stirling of Cairns, Queensland is an HR Manager and long-time baseball fan . To learn more about his life and career, please visit his professional website.