Shane Stirling currently resides in Cairns, Queensland where he serves as the Integrated Management System and Human Resources Manager at Koppens Construction. Outside of his career, he enjoys spending time with his wonderful family, and staying active. He enjoys the outdoors, and tries to carve out time of his busy schedule to explore and hike around the region’s stunning wilderness. However, his favorite activity is baseball, a sport with which he first fell in love with more than three decades ago.

Shane Stirling first began playing the sport of baseball at the age of 12 in his hometown of Cairns. He excelled at the position of catcher, and soon found himself catching for Cam Cairncross who went on to play for the Cleveland Indians of the MLB. Although not necessarily known for its baseball players, Australia has produced a number of major leaguers such as Peter Moylan, Grant Balfour, David Nilsson, and many more. In all, 31 Australians have made an appearance in an Major League Baseball game, and was the sixth country represented in the MLB when Joe Quinn played a game for the St. Louis Maroons in 1884.

The sport was first brought to the nation in the middle of the 19th century by gold miners visiting from the United States, and a has hosted a healthy amount of baseball players and enthusiasts ever since. Shane is fan of the Tampa Bay Rays and New York Yankees, but most recently rooted for the overachieving Kansas City Royals in their surprising visit to the exciting 2014 World Series against the San Francisco Giants.

Chipper Jones, who is amongst the greatest switch-hitters in the sport’s history and who is surely destined for Cooperstown in a few years, is one Shane Stirling’s favorite players. Shane also appreciates the approach of Albert Pujols, who amassed more than 450 home runs in his first decade in the league during his tenure with the St. Louis Cardinals. Pujols’ current teammate, Mike Trout, has also impressed Shane. Trout has thus far experienced immense success and media attention in his young career due to his exceptional speed and raw power. However, Shane is most impressed, not by his accolades, but by the down-to-earth demeanor he has maintained despite his celebrity.

In addition to keeping up with Major League Baseball, Shane Stirling still loves to play the game. With regards to the baseball field, seemingly little has changed since childhood days. He regularly plays in a league where he catches opposite, you guessed it, his old friend, Cam.